Clash of Lords 2 Review

To whom who like to play strategy game. Clash of Lords 2 might be the best one for you as it comes from great gameplay, epic graphics, and low resource usage. This game has been popular since past years until now.

Clash of Lords 2 is the best game to play for everyone. Some people may ask why should we play this game and how to play? The answer is quite easier. The reason why we have to play it, it’s because of the great game itself and about how to play this game, we can follow many guidelines which served by many websites.

Complex Gameplay

The complexity of this game should be thumbed up because everyone who gives a try on this game. They will be addicted. We can do almost everything in this game but mainly is to build our base. This game is quite same as Clash of Clans. The differences only come from its style where we can have our own hero.

Various hero to play

Some people may ask what hero we can play? There are many heroes that we can play in this game. Especially, if we have epic heroes. It is really helpful to fight against our enemy. The more hero and stronger we have, it will help us to prevent from loosing.

Building List

There are many building types that we can build. It comes from a complex list. All we have to do is to understand each function of its building. The first one, we can build hut where it gives an extra slot to upgrade or to build a building. Then, we can build additional buildings such as Town Hall, Alchemy Shop, Heroes Hall, Ancient Relic, Guild Hall, Forging Block, and so on.

Tower List

After we are talking about building. Now, we are going to talk about what tower we can build in Clash of Lords 2 (COL2). Actually, the first tower that we can build is a Cannon, after that we can start building Sniper Tower, Air Defense, Reaper, and Victory Statue. Those towers will help you to defend your base from enemy’s attack.

Epic Graphics

An epic game should come with an epic graphics. Just like COL2, we should not worry anything about its graphics as it is already designed properly. The publisher really did a great thing to release this game. Right now, it is already downloaded by millions of people around the world.

Final Words

To play a great strategy game. We recommend you to give a shoot on Clash of Lords 2, we have been describing its review. Hopefully, what we have written can help you a lot to find the suitable game for you.



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