yu gi oh duel links review

Yu Gi Oh is a card game battle that already exists for a long time and it still popular until now. It is proven by the release of the latest game for the Android and iOS platform entitled Yu Gi Oh Duel Links. And in this review, we would like to share everything that we know about this game starting from the gameplay until its graphics. Now, do not waste the time and let us check it out!

Addicting Gameplay

The gameplay is really similar to the card game battle that we used to play in the real world or in the console game. The cards and the characters are still the same, the only difference is just from the rules where we just have three fields for the monster and spell/trap card and each character have their own skill that can be really helpful during the duel.

yu gi oh gameplay

As we win a duel, we will get some EXP to level up and receive some reward such as Gold, Stones, and Gems. The Gold and Stones can be exchanged for some card with the Card Trader while we can use the Gems to buy card packs in the store.

Lots of Cards to Collect

There are a lot of cards in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links. The cards from almost all the film series such as Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters, GX, 5’DS, Zexal, and Arc-V are available in this game. We can collect them all by obtaining it from the duel or purchasing from the shop. Collect all of the cards to create a powerful deck.

PvP Duel

In this game, we can duel the other active players in the PvP Arena to show which one is better in playing the cards. There are four different types of PvP duel that we can play such as the ranked duel, duel room, casual duel, and friend duel.

Ranked duel allows us to play against the other player and we will gain a rank if we manage to win. In duel room, we can create a room which can accommodate up to 10 players. We can duel the player from worldwide in the casual duel as well but, there is no rank that we will get like in the rank duel. The last is friend duel where we can duel our friend in a real-time duel.

Card Sleeve and Game Mat Customization

We can change the display of our card sleeve and game mat in the Card Studio. There is a lot that we can use but, we need to obtain it first by clearing the mission. This customization will not make us bored with the usual card sleeve and game mat display.


yu gi oh graphics

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links uses both 2D and 3D graphics. The 2D graphics are used for the duel and the character’s appearance. When we are dueling, the monster from the card will appear in 2D as well. Then, the 3D graphics are used for the duel world buildings and the environment display, and the emergence of the signature monster of each character. Overall, the graphics are really awesome.

signature monster appearance

Final Words

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links is the greatest card game battle for mobile. You should try this game because it will make you get addicted. We can guarantee that you will love both of the gameplay and graphics. Overall, it is worth your time.


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